Who is basshunter dating now dating damaged goods

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They said: 'He was the kindest, most helpful person you could hope to meet and had a great sense of humour.'He also enjoyed helping his Dad to build our house at weekends and in the holidays.

His cat Magic will miss her tuna treats.'He would do anything for anybody, was very popular and loved a night out with friends drinking and having a laugh.'His main hobby was keeping fit and eating healthily, so what happened that night is so totally out of character as he was always against drug taking in any shape or form.

The heartbroken families of two teenagers who died after allegedly taking ecstasy on a night out have paid tribute to the pair.

Aaron Reilly and Joshua Brock, both 19, collapsed in Pryzm nightclub in Plymouth - in what their families said was a 'moment of madness'.

He had 25 acts at this party and they put us in a small room with two mattresses on the floor, a bottle of vodka and a bottle of 7Up. He’s not too focused about his career and his image, he’s just a crazy guy who sometimes ends up in trouble – but don’t we all sometimes? When we go out it usually ends up with a couple of girls, which is the fun part. If you don’t have the best voice then you shouldn’t do complicated singing.

Relatives of Mr Brock said what happened that night was 'so totally out of character as he was always against drug taking in any shape or form'.'One moment of madness led to this tragedy,' the family statement added.

Mr Reilly's younger brother Kian said: 'My brother was one of the most responsible people I ever knew and everything he achieved I was so proud of but I was so envious of his talent.'I tried so hard to follow in his footsteps and I still do now but I no longer have anyone to look up to and I don't have my big brother to help me through life.'I can't believe he was taken from me and my family from one silly mistake, just trying to have fun on a night out with his best mates.'He will be forever missed and I will never forget the amazing brother he was.'The parents of Joshua Brock - Steve and Sandra - paid tribute to the youngster, who had two siblings Liam and Demelza.

I don’t have those experiences myself as I’m not a relationship type of guy. I don’t have a supermodel face – when you look at me you see a normal guy who started by sitting at home playing around in his bedroom then suddenly managed to produce hit songs.

It has the old-school sound the hardcore fans enjoy and new stuff too. Two of them, but maybe they’re not that autobiographical, they’re more an emotion turned into a song. I wasn’t in the mood to write about hopeless love, although there are songs like that because it’s easy to write about.

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