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The following situations, in addition to other factors, may negatively affect a loan decision: a high debt to income ratio, unverifiable income, a credit score below 690, bankruptcy, outstanding collections, delinquent payment history, limited installment loan history, insufficient collateral value (LTV). Essex does not offer a pre-approval because our loan decisions consider not just the applicant(s) but the collateral as well.You may apply using the vessel you are currently interested in and should you find a different boat, the collateral can be changed.A purchase loan generally funds 5-7 business days after loan approval and receipt of all requested documents.If a survey is required, you can expect your loan to fund 12-14 business days after loan approval and receipt of all requested documents.Additional down payment may be required for certain high performance vessels, houseboats and wood hull boats.What might disqualify me from getting a boat loan with Essex Credit?The updated collateral must remain within approval guidelines.

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Your rate depends on your loan amount, the loan term requested, the age and type of boat and planned vehicle use.

You may also choose to pay for them out of pocket; in which case, payment must be received prior to funding your loan.

Does Essex require income verification on all loans?

Yes, Essex does allow either as a Joint Borrower along with a qualified related individual(s).

The purpose of the loan must be personal as Essex does not provide financing for commercial purposes.

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