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Not only do we withhold pre-introduction photos and much detail, some of our matchmakers are so superstitious, they won’t even reveal first names!

Firstly, ya’ll can’t be trusted with your own love lives based on visuals.

When trolling the dating sites, however, cultural norms of “handsome” or “beautiful” that have been shaped by media representations of attractiveness more than actual humans we might meet or know seem to take over.

Speaking to a lot of “had it up to here” online daters, I can tell you that the time suck black hole is their second most common complaint.After the date we created for him to meet his matchmaker-selected next introduction - whom he adored - he wrote, He thanked us for not showing photos before introductions, even though he protested this policy upon sign up.He also summed up in a few lines why online dating doesn’t work for 90% of people, and why our matchmaking so often does.I can’t tell you how many clients name this actor or that model as their “type”, even though when they show us photos of exes, they’ve clearly never dated such a person in their entire lives.Nor do they seem aware that said “type” might not find them attractive in turn.

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