Updating mirrored walls efficiently updating constrained delaunay triangulations

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After the panels are down, you are going to need some sheetrock mud, putty knife and some sheetrock sand paper.This is certainly a daunting task that I would not wish on anyone and I wish you luck.

In the end though depending on how much mastic is present it might be easier to scrap it off and then repair the surface damage to the wall.This will prevent the water in the subsequent patching compound from causing the paper to wrinkle up.Two or three coats of drywall compound and sanding will leave a smooth surface ready for priming.Great idea with using the mason's chisel, if you can't get a pry bar or putty knife back behind the mirror, start with the center of the mirror with your chisel and start demo-ing away. And like what said, you do have a big and cautious project on your hands.Alongside the leather gloves, wear things like long-sleeve shirts and as much face protection as you can when the shards of mirror come off.

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