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However, there were thousands of Filipinos who were much more upset than the Chinese officials. After 300 years under Spanish rule, the archipelago was invaded by the U. in 1898 during the Spanish-American War, and remained under American control for the first half of the twentieth century. troops remained in five massive military bases, and over the following decades the American service members left a controversial legacy that includes some 50,000 abandoned children: three generations of Amerasians.

After three years of Japanese occupation, the nation finally achieved independence following WWII. Antimilitary activism contributed to the removal of U. forces in 1992, and the new Philippine constitution forbade the presence of foreign troops and military bases in the archipelago.

He was born twenty-six years ago in Olongapo, a city in northwestern Philippines.

Olongapo is next to Subic Bay military base, the largest American overseas naval facilities during the Cold War.

Since the Visiting Forces Agreement was passed in 1999, U. Navy ships have regularly visited Philippine ports for combined military exercises, although they now have no permanent presence here. “I want to be very clear,” Obama said, “the United States is not trying to reclaim old bases or build new bases.

The dormant activist movement was awakened when President Obama visited to ratify the agreement. Addressing the constitutional obstacles, President Obama assured that the U. At the invitation of the Philippines, American service members will rotate through Filipino facilities. “As many other people,” he says, “she thinks that foreigners will bring money and that will be good.” He doesn’t agree.

It is nothing compared to what it looked like during the Vietnam War, but sex tourism remains a key element to both cities’ economies.

There were lots of girls and lots of pimps on the streets,” says Drewery, whose grandparents moved to Olongapo to manage a nightclub, which was a cross between a brothel and a pub.

His mother, who has a beautiful voice, was fifteen back then and sang as a sidekick to strip acts. “Customers didn’t want only a music band, there had to be nude shows or they got bored,” he says.

When he was eight years old and living on the streets, Drewery got in touch with PREDA, which was created to rescue children from abuse and exploitation.

Drewery began working as an advisor to PREDA at age seventeen.

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