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[tags: teen moms, babies] - With the rise in popularity of technology, the mass media broadcasted image of “cool,” an over-sexualized subculture, and the strained relationship between this generation of teenagers and their parents the dynamic of today’s youth in society has changed.

The expectations of growing up are being propelled, teenagers are asked, are expected to grow up faster and to enter the world of adulthood before they are truly prepared to face the real world challenges that this shift entails.

However, they still need to geet paid for meals, otherwise all that saved money won’t exist.

Teen pregnancy rates have gone down, but it seems like everywhere people turn there is another teenager pregnant.

It not only affects the baby, but the teen mother, father, their families, and even society....

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- Swing Kids is a 1993 film that takes place in Hamburg, Germany in 1939.

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