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And while a small slice of me (maybe 10 percent of my heart) kinda wanted a Gaby-Hailee Top 2, I can’t argue with Gaby-Jaja, especially with Gaby (who had 51.7 percent of my heart; with 8 percent to Jaja; and the remainder split between prior evictees Megz and Edson) as the ultimate winner.

That wasn’t the beginning and end of the season ender’s list of Winners and Losers, though!

By the time the competition gets going, Booth and Brennan have presented themselves as representatives of the law to at least one of the suspects, who has no reason to not tell others.

Clearly, having our heroes go undercover is an excuse to let the characters dress up formally and dance, but this is a clumsy way to handle it.

Biggest Snubs Of Season 12’s Top 10 finishers, only Derek and J. were forced to warm the bench for a full two hours — without a single duet to showcase their copious talents.

The “I’m Surprised He Didn’t Get Bleeped” Prize Whoa!

Best Reminders That Season 12 Was Stronger Than the Intro to This Recap Indicates Damn, the Team Street “Ready or Not” piece — and especially the Team Street “Ghost Light” routine — really underscored how great the Season 12 cast can be (when they’ve got first-rate routines to tackle).To that end, let me hand out some Season 12 finale trophies: Routine of the Night Gaby and All-Star Joshua’s “Geisha-Ninja Battle” may not have been Season 12’s biggest tear-jerker, but in terms of ferocious fun and nonstop energy (measured by the number of times I shouted, “Yes, girl, yes!”) this Pharcyde & Phoenix piece ruled the night — and the season.Biggest Omission Gaby and All-Star Zach’s delectable Performance Finale tap explosion Best Recognition of What Might’ve Been Edson and Megz revisiting their game-changing (and intensely moving) “T-shirt dance” made me wonder if things would’ve gotten a little more suspenseful had the final four come down to Gaby-Jaja-Edson-Megz.Highest Degree of Difficulty I’m not sure it really occurred to me the first time around, but Gaby and Neptune’s Stacey Tookey encore — set to an a cappella rendition of “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” — has to be super-duper tricky for its participants, considering the total lack of beats/percussion, no? The executive producer and head judge advocating for a “juniors” spinoff — following a less-than-scintillating collaboration between All-Star Cyrus and a cute moppet named Lil’ Phoenix — reminded me that (aside from my own toddler twins and a handful of my nieces and nephews), I find child performers a little disconcerting. ) Best Idea for a Special Guest We pause this recap for a moment of silence acknowledging the sickening brilliance of American Ballet Theatre’s Herman Cornejo.

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