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Moving on to social statistics, Texas’ Hispanics also score favorably on matters to do with the family.

This is important, as two-parent households have proved to be the best anti-poverty program ever invented, and illegitimacy stands upstream from many social problems.

Readers of this paper will have seen enough comparisons between the economic growth and job production of the two economies, and those points do not need to be belabored here.

But in one point, at least, Texas edges out California: As I discovered while writing a book published last week, Hispanics enjoy much better statistics across the board in the Lone Star State than in the Golden one.

The following stats, again from the Census Bureau, are also noteworthy.

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“On an adjusted-wages basis, Texas has relatively high wages among the least-skilled, compared to the rest of the nation,” she said.

Let’s first look at the statistics, starting with one of the most important ones: unemployment.

In 2013, Texas’ Hispanic population boasted an unemployment rate of 6.9 percent.

One of the most eye-popping statistics I have come across is that Hispanics in Texas are much more likely to live in an owner-occupied home than those in California (56.8 percent to 42.9 percent).

In terms of religiosity, the General Social Survey does not break down information at the state level but shows that Hispanics in Texas are far more likely to attend church services regularly.

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