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The report concludes that Scotland’s legal rights appear to “promote self-reliance rather more than the highly discretionary Irish model”.A right to housing would not mean that everyone would instantly receive a key to his or her own home.Under international human rights obligations, housing should not be a commodity, but a human right. Under international law, to be adequately housed means security of tenure — not having to worry about eviction or having your home taken away with very little notice.It means having the right to live in peace and dignity, with access to services, schools, and employment.Instead, it would provide a ‘floor’ in respect of access to adequate housing.It would oblige the State to protect and fulfil that right.On July 5, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights found that Spain violated the right to housing for a family with children evicted from rented accommodation.The committee said that, “through our decision, we reaffirm that all people, including those who live in rented accommodation, have the right to housing.

It also gave people who are homeless an expectation of being housed.

Primary causes are poverty, inequality, and lack of affordable housing, often coupled with systems failures and individual circumstances.

Many of the people the Simon Communities work with have been disadvantaged and isolated from a young age; the State has failed them repeatedly.

They are overlooked, forgotten, and neglected, denied basic human rights and constitutional protections.

Imagine not having a kitchen in which to cook your dinner, not being able to apply for a job because you do not have an address, or having no private space of your own.

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