Error updating windows 7 sp1

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There are a few that were ‘pre-selected’ that I ‘un-selected’, either because I believed that it could potentially cause a problem with Chrome, another process or service within my system, or simply because I did not need it, and the update was not critical.

In addition, because I installed almost all of my hardware/peripheral driver’s pre-windows update, Windows update never had these drivers on its update list.

I have installed Windows 7 eight times already, and each time I try something new, and I still cannot get Chrome to function.

error updating windows 7 sp1-1

error updating windows 7 sp1-6

Therefore, after I have installed Windows 7, then Chrome, Chrome works. Kaspersky is not even involved, even though I have it on here now, up-to-date, and whether it is currently enabled, or disable, it does not make a difference…The last 5 times that I have installed Windows 7, I would not even install Kaspersky, my one and only antivirus/malware security suite, therefore, it was not even present to cause a conflict on a fresh install. In addition, I know that my plugins are backed up by Google, therefore, I even went as far as to create a ‘new’ Google account (fresh), with no plugins, and I still receive the same effect, post-windows update.3) Yes, I have tried this, and all of my bookmarks, extensions, and history is sync’d.4) Did you restore the folders from backup for Chrome?(I have had corrupted saved data from Chrome that created this issue - to solve, you may have to rename the folder C:\Users\ @Schiz Tech & @ronintexas Many thanks for replying so soon, I sincerely appreciate it. I am only installing ‘some’ of the ‘pre-selected’ updates.

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