Dating a reclusive man

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The day of the audition arrives, and Charlotte and Artus — unbeknownst to one another — sit in the auditorium to listen.Machine begins to play a piece by Mendelssohn, but there is a disturbance from behind the wall at the back of the stage.Machine is furious and decides that their relationship cannot continue. Machin leaves the apartment and talks to Artus about his feelings for her.Artus encourages him to see her in person and suggests that he go to her audition to support her.However, they decide to 'date' — even 'introducing' each other to Artus and Charlotte from either side of the wall.In preparation for a competition, Machine invites Evguenie to her home for a final lesson.He says that her playing lacks emotion, encourages her to let go of her self-consciousness, and to play the piece with real feeling.She follows his instructions, and the two become friends, talking to one another from either side of the wall.

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She returns to her flat the next day and realises that the noises are caused by her neighbour — a quiet and reclusive man (Clovis Cornillac), who barely ventures outside and whose only friend is the slovenly, kind Artus (Philippe Duquesne).

Also, choose a complimentary nickname based on one of his qualities that you admire.

For example, if he is into playing baseball, call him These kinds of questions will help a shy guy open up and talk about himself.

Realising that Machin has ventured outside to hear her playing, Machine insists. She returns to her apartment and confesses to Machin that she wished that she could have seen him after the performance — and that she wishes they could be together in reality.

To her surprise, Machin knocks through the wall to her apartment, and they finally see each other for the first time.

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