Before updating scaffolding from new

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$filter=Name eq ' Name/' Note un-escaped slashes ('/') and backslashes ('') are not legal in OData resource path string literals.

In accordance with the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Policy on Hash Functions, we also upgraded the FPDS-NG system to support SHA-2 SSL certificates.

The Contract Writing systems shall use the code 'H17I' when creating/updating documents through Business Services.

National Interest Action value 'Hurricane Irma 2017' is valid from 09/06/2017 to 06/30/2018.

(Both are usable in some portions of an OData query string.) Workaround: You could override the Parse method of Default OData Path Handler to escape the slash and backslash in string literals before actually parsing them.

A new National Interest Action value 'Hurricane Maria 2017' has been added to track the relief contracts.

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