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An ice-strengthened hull allows the ship to penetrate deep fjords in the Arctic and sail through pack ice in Antarctica. National Geographic Explorer was originally built in 1982 as Midnastol (Midnight Sun), a first-generation combination passenger and roll-on cargo ship operated by Norwegian Coastal Voyages (now Hurtigruten) for service along the Norwegian Coast.

Soon after, the ship was seen as too small, and it was enlarged to its present dimensions in 1988-89 to carry additional passengers, the mail, vehicles and considerable freight.

On the captain's night, few if any men will have jackets or ties. dollar, and passengers run tabs, which may be settled with major credit cards, cash or travelers checks.

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When larger and more cruise-like ships came along, Midnatsol was eventually laid up and made available for sale.

When Lindblad Expeditions bought the ship in October 2007, it needed considerable rebuilding.

This is a first attempt and should be refined as more data from across the range become available.

There is a general suspected continuing decline from to loss of prey base due to bushmeat poaching (especially Springhare ), persecution (direct or incidental), road collisions and predation by domestic animals.

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