Accomodating larger people

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Value and moderate resorts typically offer bus transportation, while deluxe resorts include boat and monorail access to certain parks.In addition to standard rooms, many of the Disney resorts offer suites and villas with larger capacity options.Yes, to accommodating chairs in a hospital, or just stick with the regular sized chairs and benches?Check out what our Giordano’s family in Florida has to say about your next trip to Disney World.

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With such a large party, you’ll want to book early to find the best accommodations together.

Manage your trip with our best planning tips for large groups at Walt Disney World.

Before you get caught up in the details of what rides you want to experience, where you want to eat and which characters you want to meet, you need to coordinate the overall trip as a group. You don’t all have to agree on everything, but the group should have a solid dynamic and the ability to get along most of the time.

Renting a villa can save money, but it also means you will have no private space to enjoy time away from the rest of your party.

If you want the trip to be about togetherness, look into villas, suites and adjoining standard rooms.

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