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This is similar to the Great Schism in Christianity.

Today, most Islams are Sunni and are not terrorists.

They believe peace is the only way to get to heaven on Final Judgement Day.

Muhammad said that Islam is just like Christianity before it, but every other time there was a prophet, they went astray from God and His teachings.

Thank you so much this has helped me so much with my essay since i missed half term. Not everyone believes in Islam and not everyone agrees with the Islamic rules.

Okay, to everyone who says that Islam is a \"violent\" religion, that\'s wrong.

The Muslims that are responsible for 9/11 and other terrorist attacks are in the minority, and did not start off like that.

In Oklahoma i believe, there was a man who just got converted to Islam and was trying to get others he worked with to be converted to Islam.

He ended up CHOPPING of a woman's head because she wouldn't convert to Islam.

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